Horton Translations, LLC.

Horton Translations is a Phoenix based independent translation company specializing in education, healthcare and the medical field. Horton Translations offers a variety of translation solutions including source to target language written copy, editing and proofreading.

Horton Translation is owned and operated by Martina Horton, a multi-faceted, accomplished linguist professional with the proven ability to translate written documents from English to Spanish. As a native of Argentina, Martina has the ability to harness the subtleties and expressions of the dictions of South American Regional Languages. Her attention to detail and ability to convey ideas clearly to a variety of audiences were developed over twenty plus years as a Professional Bilingual Educator. As an Independent Translation Expert, Martina is eager to collaborate with clients and develop strategies to complete projects professionally and successfully within expectations of schedule and budget.



Horton Translations provides high quality document translation services, specializing in education, healthcare and the medical field.



Horton Translations will edit and proofread your documents with attention to detail and target audience, ensuring the most accurate linguistic representation possible.

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Horton Translation provides interpreting services for a variety of clients in education, healthcare and the medical fields. We offer clear and effective communication in the correct language for all of your existing and potential audiences.

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  • “Her work and character reflect a deliberative thought process, high ethical standards and empathy with all individuals”

    Jill V. Newburg, World Language Administrator/Interpreter/Translator

  • “I highly recommend her for work as a translator”

    Pam Chambers, Founder at Kid Care Approved, Inc.


Martina has a vast experience as a linguist and as an educator. She worked as a bilingual professional educator in school districts in Phoenix, Arizona and British schools in Argentina for over 20 years. As a linguist, Martina was responsible for the research and translation of instructional materials to make content comprehensible for students acquiring a second language. She translated books for children and thanks to her participation, one is now being downloaded as an app on a regular basis.

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T: 1+602 803 8370 | P.O. BOX 80585 Phoenix, AZ 85060

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We offer Spanish professional document translation service which is the most commonly spoken language in Arizona.

Services include:


Proofreading services can enormously improve a written document and give it a sense of comprehensibility and coherence.

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The purpose of the interpreter is to enable communication from one person to another in a small group setting or conference.

Services include: